I’m Judith and I’m a business-to-business conversational copywriter for the event planning industry.

Why the event planning industry?
I’ve been your customer. I’ve not only attended international and local conferences around the world but have planned and organized events, too. I understand just how demanding and satisfying a successful event can be. Whether it’s a conference, a safari, a travel itinerary or a social event there are many key players involved.

So how do you find each other? Through successful marketing strategies.

And that’s where I can help you.

How I'd Tell Your Story

Your story should begin a conversation – and keep it going. If it doesn’t? Well, today your audience wants to communicate with you – and unless you’re listening they’ll go somewhere else. In a heartbeat. That’s why I write targeted business to business content that’s informative, credible and factual – but not dull, full of jargon or corporate-speak.

What does this mean for you?

You’ll get a qualified copywriter who understands what goes into creating successful events. Someone who knows how important it is to connect and work with all the businesses and professionals who make it all come together.

Someone who understands how important it is to start conversations with your target audience and keep them going. Because that’s what lifts your business above the din of 21st century marketing.