Video Script

Project: Getting people to sign up for free studio newsletter for news and information about special events such as art workshops and free art shows with wine and food.

Comment by Nick Usborne (Conversational Copywriting): “Love it! Beautifully done. I began reading and became totally immersed, right through to the end. Can’t ask for more than that!”

The set: Background looks like an exhibition room from the Louvre. A man is standing in front of the Mona Lisa, his back to the camera. He turns around and looks at the camera.

“Have you ever wondered about her? Oh, there’s the smile, sure. But who was she? And why did da Vinci paint her?”

The man frowns slightly and then offers a welcoming smile.

“Hi. I’m Fred Bartholomew, by the way. And I’m just fascinated by all the mysteries in the art world, aren’t you? Yep. Like her smile.”

He turns to gaze at the painting and then looks back at the camera.

“I’d love to hop on a flight to Paris right now. Just to see her. But I can’t even get away to the National Art Gallery on a whim!”

Fred shrugs his shoulders and walks slowly off to the left. On his way he puts on a beret he’d been holding and takes off his jacket to reveal a paint-splattered t-shirt. He slings the jacket over his shoulder. Now he’s standing in front of a room with six people in front of easels – some standing, some sitting, and all wielding paint brushes. He stops and turns to the camera.

“Know what, though? You don’t need to take a long trip to enjoy the art world. You can find it right here. You can paint your own masterpiece, throw your own pottery, or even sculpt a statue. Where’s here? Sorry! Almost forgot. Here at Artsplosure. We have workshops, too. With guest artists. Some quite well known. Others just happy to share their talent”

Fred walks toward one of the people and looks at what she’s painting. We can’t see it.

“Hey, that’s really nice! Feel like I can walk right into it!” Fred turns back to the camera.

“And then there’re our free art shows. With wine and food that complement the show. You know. French for a French theme or artists, Spanish for Spain. Like that. Enjoy the exhibits, meet people, relax, learn. We’re not stuffy! Oops! Look at the time. Please excuse me, but I need to wrap up our newsletter so we can get it out. Are you a subscriber? No? It’s free. Bet you’d enjoy it. Give it a try. Hope to see you soon!”

Fred tootles off camera, whistling off key.

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