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Created while participating in professional development training. The company is fictitious.

Direct Impact Training, Inc.

Changing Marketing Strategies

How often do you hear your sales people say:

  • I just couldn’t confirm that appointment.
  • I can’t get through to that key decision maker.
  • I lost the prospect.

You have a good team, but results indicate they are underperforming.  Sales are down and you can’t pinpoint the problem.

It could be they rely on cold calling to make connections.  And cold calling is proving to be an ineffective marketing technique.  According to the Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management:

No one is answering the phone anymore, and email is throwing the dice.  But networking, if done correctly, is fast becoming the most reliable means of getting that all important ‘first handshake’ with a new prospect.”

Direct Impact Training (DIT) can help you change your company’s marketing strategy.   We specialize in teaching sales teams how to network effectively.

The Right Training Program

Our program, NETWORKING FOR SALES RESULTS, is all about helping your sales team reach more prospects, increase the number of sales appointments, and generate more business opportunities.

How the Networking for Sales Results Program Works

We don’t just “workshop and walk.”

  • We come to you and conduct the workshop on site.
  • The program starts with a two-day workshop for your entire sales team.
  • We follow up with individual one-on-one coaching sessions – which increases learning retention and skills acquisition by as much as 50%.

The Results?

Networking is a skill that can be developed.  After completing our program, you will see your sales team use those skills to:

  • Connect to build new relationships
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Reach more prospects and set more sales appointments – by as much as 40% the first year.
  • Reinforce existing relationships
  • Outperform your competition

Tom Chadha, VP Sales of SmithTech Environmental, Inc., was an old-school cold caller and skeptical about DIT’s NETWORKING FOR SALES RESULTS program.  He changed his mind.

Within six weeks of the training, my team was setting significantly more appointments with key decision makers,” he told us.  “And as a bonus the team’s morale is way up.”

Let Us Show You How

Please Click Here to schedule a 20-minute online demo of our networking techniques in action.

“Networking is a verb.  You build a network by actively networking.” (unknown)

Let us help your sales team build that network.

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