Marketers often struggle to find writers who understand the complexities of the hospitality industry. Are you one of them?

You have a lot of competition out there. Cutting through all that chatter in the marketplace to engage prospects and keep the loyalty of your existing customers is a challenge.

You need a writer who’s been part of the hospitality world to help you create marketing content that not only engages your audience but wins their trust.

I can help you.

Because I’ve been your customer.

I’m Judith Blaeske, and unlike many business writers I spent 32 years exploring the world. I’ve stayed in accommodation ranging from luxurious to the basics. I’ve eaten in 5-Star restaurants and mom and pop kitchens. I’ve ridden a camel and traveled by train, bus, plane, boat and Land Rover. I know what it means to take a journey.

Let me help you tell your story with targeted content that not only informs but makes your reader look for more. Stories that start conversations and keep them going.

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You need content that lifts you above the competitive din in your marketplace. And to do that you need a writer who’s been a part of the hospitality world and understands just how complex it is. Someone like me.

Why me?

I grew up traveling.

When I was ten and in transit from Tegucigalpa I called the hotel home. By the time I was 16 and in the Philippines I had more flying hours than many crew members.

And I’d only just begun. As an adult I kept right on traveling.

What does this mean for you?

It means you’ll be working with a writer who understands what it takes to make a journey, whether for adventure or business.

I’ve lived and worked in eight countries and visited many more. I’ve stayed in luxury hotels with incredible views, a beach cabana on stilts with piglets snuffling underneath, and a lodge where hyenas giggled outside my door – just to give you
an idea.

I’ve worked for travel agencies, shipping companies and safari outfitters. Let’s not forget organizing complex itineraries, conferences and events.

I respect the hospitality industry and all that goes into it. It’s been part of my life.

How to tell your story

I write targeted marketing content to strengthen your brand and win the trust and loyalty of your prospects and customers. It is business to business content that’s informative, credible and factual – but not dull, full of jargon or corporate-speak.

Your story should begin a conversation – and keep it going. If it doesn’t? Well, today your audience wants to communicate with you – and unless you’re listening they’ll go somewhere else. In a heartbeat.

A bit of background

I studied journalism, worked for a major newspaper group in southern Africa, learned French in Switzerland and worked in the travel and tourism industries in Kenya and South Africa. My experience includes market research, public relations and advertising. I’ve learned from copywriting and marketing experts through American Writers & Artists – and I continue to be active to keep up with changes and trends.

I’ve ridden horses in the Philippines, a camel in Tunisia and played with cheetahs in South Africa. I love Scotties, painting and writing and am passionate about wildlife conservation.

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Well-written content is key to successful marketing. But well-written conversational content works even better. Let me help you share knowledge and experiences in such a way that your prospects and customers want to learn more. Let’s capture their interest and engage them. Here are some of the ways:
A powerful, versatile and cost-effective marketing tool. Use the story in your newsletters, emails, brochures and on your website.
Far from dead they still offer the best ROI. Emails play a strong role in lead generation, with the power to engage, start a conversation and keep it going.
Quality white papers are an important part of your content marketing strategy. When your target decision maker reads your white paper, they need to know you understand their needs and problems – and have the solutions.
A good advertorial reads like an article. Although clearly labeled an advertisement, it will have high credibility with a publication’s readers – provided the content is tailored to them.
Research strengthens your core marketing strategies. I find key points and transform them into clear, credible content to strengthen your image in the market place.



You can get an idea of some of the work I’ve done in the examples below. If you’d like to see more, please send me an email at I’d be happy to select samples specific to your needs.



I would like to stress her (Judy’s) conscientious and helpful approach at all times.  Erik Jensen, Chef de Cabinet, Office of the Director General, United Nations Office at Geneva.
Judy has a charming personality and shows exceptional ability in grasping and familiarizing herself with new responsibilities.  She made the travel arrangements for visiting delegates and her work was carried out with precision. J. Maurice Lemieux, First Secretary & Consul, Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations Office at Geneva.
Judy arranged seminars and visit itineraries for overseas directors, organizing their hotel accommodation, travel requirements, business luncheons, meetings.  She discharged these duties with tact, industry and enthusiasm. J. Dougan, General Manager, Overseas Containers Ltd. (SA)
Judy’s work is of the highest standard.  She is neat, conscientious and hard working.  Whenever pressure is put upon her, she always remains calm and never becomes flustered.  Derek Birch, Research Manager, The Argus, Cape Town
Miss Blaeske, who holds the position of Marketing Assistant, is an employee of the highest caliber who has performed outstandingly during her employ.  F.J. Collings, General Manager, The Argus
We often receive visits from editors and advertisement directors.  It was Judy’s responsibility to make their appointments and coordinate itineraries.  She made arrangements for presentations for the visitors, which involved selecting suitable venues and managing invitation lists for 150 to 200 guests.  A.H. Collingridge, Director, Newspaper Marketing Bureau (Cape)



Successful marketing depends on channels of communication that build loyal client-customer relationships. And channels of communication depend on having a good conversation… and keeping it going. I’m a copywriter who understands that. Contact me and let’s have a conversation. I respect your contact information and will not share it.
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