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Engaging content to start conversations - and keep them going

Business to Business Copywriter for the Event Industry

Are you a key player in the event planning industry? Then you know what it’s like to wrestle with the logistics of organizing a business conference or juggling the details of a big social event.

And you have a lot of competition out there. Cutting through all that chatter in the marketplace to engage prospects and keep the loyalty of your existing customers is a challenge.

Which is why your marketing efforts should include a writer who understands the complexities of all that’s involved in the many facets of the event planning industry.

That’s where I can help you.

I’m a conversational business-to-business copywriter who’s also been involved in organizing events. I’ve not only been your customer. I’ve been an event planner too.

Let me help you tell your story with targeted content that not only informs but makes your reader look for more. Stories that start conversations and keep them going. I create marketing content that engages your audience and wins their trust. Your prospects become your loyal customers.

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Case Study Sample

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